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HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Education Classes

HypnoBirthing® educator Kelly Pappas


My experiences during my own pregnancy and birth drastically shaped who I am as a woman, wife, mother, and friend- so much so that I left my budding career as a mental health practitioner and jumped into the birth world all in. My Masters in Clinical Psychology allows me to have an even deeper understanding of meeting people exactly where they are, hearing them wholeheartedly, and allowing transformation to happen in a safe and loving environment. I believe in the power of a woman's body and the power that a birthing experience has in a family's life, in particular to the birthing mom. Through providing HypnoBirthing® classes to the community, along with doula support and placenta services, I have seen countless couples see the birth experience in a new light as a sense of confidence about the journey begins to shine through. I love what I do and I enjoy sharing my passion with others.

In my HypnoBirthing® classes I aim to help moms and dads find that sense of confidence and excitement about this once in a lifetime experience. Through my focus on physiological birth, relaxation and focusing methods, breathing techniques, and other useful information and tools, moms and dads leave class feeling empowered, prepared, and excited to give birth (excited?! yes!). HypnoBirthing® can help alleviate fears and anxieties surrounding the labor and birthing process, and serves to provide tools to create a more calm, comfortable, and empowering birthing experience. We break down many myths about labor and birth, replacing those myths with important truths about your body and its ability to bring a baby into the world in a more relaxed way, all serving to instill a sense of trust and respect in the process, rather than doubt and worry. My heart is to build you and your partner up, encouraging you along in your journey towards self-empowerment and confidence.



Awareness in Birth

Birth and parenting preparation classes with Kanuwena Perryman


I am humbled and inspired by the strength, commitment and love of the hundreds of couples I’ve been honored to support in preparing for their child’s birth in my group and private classes which I began teaching in 2001. Couples who prepare for childbirth and are well supported, report having a greater sense of accomplishment and joy during and after the birth of their baby. In class you will learn what your options are, how to avoid unnecessary interventions, and align with your choices in any birth environment. You will form a deep understanding and broad perspective of the birth process and how to participate with it. You will practice pain coping, positions, touch, creating a supportive space, focusing, coping with fears, pre-natal bonding, deep relaxation, visualizations and affirmations.


Please join me, Kanuwena Perryman, wife, mother of three, sister, friend, doula, hypnotherapist, and 'Birthing from Within' influenced childbirth class instructor, in preparing to welcome your baby.